Family Self-Sufficiency

Family Self-Sufficiency

What is Family Self-Sufficiency?
Family Self-SufficiencyFamily Self-Sufficiency (FSS) helps BHA residents achieve economic independence. Using BHA housing programs as a stabilizing force permits the families to invest their energy in other efforts, including employment, education and job training, which are necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.

The FSS Program forms a unique partnership with social service agencies, churches, citizens and the business community to provide child care, transportation, computer training and other services necessary to help participating families become self-sufficient.

Why is Family Self-Sufficiency so important?
FSS represents a bold approach to helping families leave the welfare system or low-paying jobs and achieve economic self-sufficiency. FSS participants will be given an opportunity to become upwardly mobile and create a life of financial self-sufficiency and independence.

How does the Program Work?
Each participating family signs a Contract of Participation that spells out the services to be provided to the family and the obligations the family agrees to undertake. An Individual Training and Service Plan is designed for each participant that covers training, counseling and any other assistance.

During the term of the Contract of Participation, BHA establishes an interest bearing escrow account to which the FSS family will contribute. When the family completes the program, the goal is for them to use the escrow amount towards moving into non-assisted private housing, or for a down payment on a home, leading to the American Dream... homeownership!

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