Housing Services Department

Housing Services Department

Public Housing Department

The Beaumont Housing Authority manages 5 Public Housing Developments, 1 Section 8 New Construction Development and 150 scattered-site Single Family Homes. This housing stock adds up to more than 627 affordable housing units and serves over 1,400 individuals.

Pursuant to program requirements, residents pay no more than 30% of their annual adjusted income for rent. Utility allowances are provided for all families that reside in developments where tenants are responsible for their own utilities.

There are many great amenities available at our properties including: Air Conditioning, Appliances and Utility Allowances. Our properties are located on bus lines and near schools, churches and shopping outlets. Social and supportive services are available through the onsite management team.

Section 8 Department

The Beaumont Housing Authority administers approximately 1,700 rental assistance vouchers that allow families to rent in the private market and apply a subsidy to their rent. With this assistance, residents are able to pay 30 percent of their income toward rent, with BHA paying the remainder. BHA helps provide housing to approximately 4,500 people under this program.

Due to a high demand for affordable rental housing, BHA maintains a waiting list consisting of thousands of eligible families waiting their turn to reside in the next available public housing unit.